KpH Deconstruction Services Ltd, Dolphin Square, for the initiative Finding Carbon Reduction Solutions in Strip Out and Deconstruction

KpH Deconstruction Services specialises in the sympathetic strip out of large commercial properties and has long been frustrated with the lack of opportunity to repurpose waste materials. By re-distributing unwanted materials the company realised it could make a difference to support a sustainable industry and provide for communities and charities who may be struggling for funding. Using its project at Dolphin Square, KpH engaged with Globechain, the largest reuse marketplace in the world to find a solution. Overcoming logistical and administrative challenges and by connecting with Globechain’s network of members, charities and community groups, KpH have successfully donated and redistributed over 682 items and 16.8 tonnes of materials, benefiting up to 5000 people. By championing sustainability, KpH have created a new model for all deconstruction companies to follow.

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