Mace, 40 Leadenhall Street for the initiative Lotus Pro- Zero Plastic Cleaning Solution

Through its commitment to innovate and find new ways to support sustainability, Mace working with supplier Killis, have successfully installed the Lotus Pro zero plastic cleaning solution on its 40 Leadenhall project. Lotus Pro is a chemical-free cleaning system that ionises tap water into a cleaning agent with the same power as bleach. The system aims to save 2,400 plastic bottles, 114.33 kgCO2e of carbon, 4,300 litres of chemicals and £4,800 each year. It is safe and harmless to those exposed to it and will dramatically reduce chemicals entering the water ways. The first to be installed on a Mace project, Lotus Pro will significantly reduce plastic, waste impact and reduce its carbon footprint up until the end of the project and beyond.

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