Mace, Paddington Square for the initiative Reducing Carbon Consumption

Taking steps to achieve a diesel free site, global construction and consultancy firm Mace are pushing the boundaries of possibility when it comes to tackling the global climate crisis. Driven by its strategic imperative to ‘Pursue a Sustainable World,’ Mace have saved more than 58,000kg of carbon emissions during construction at Paddington Square, significantly improving air quality and reducing noise levels in and around the site.

As major contributor to carbon emissions and air pollution, exposure to diesel exhaust is a big concern for the construction industry who have relied on its energy for many years to operate machinery, equipment and generators.

Targeting employees, subcontractors and local residents, workers and visitors around Paddington Square, including St Mary’s Hospital and Paddington Station, the initiative aimed to replace diesel powered plant with environmentally friendly emission-free alternatives.

Following the company’s ‘diesel reduction hierarchy’ the site team reviewed all machinery and equipment, working with its supply chain to proactively identify opportunities to reduce diesel consumption. Questions were asked to assess whether the plant was essential for works and if other methods of construction could be used, if not could they be powered by electric or hybrid alternatives such as Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Green D+ fuel which have a lower carbon impact.

Finding appropriate diesel-free machinery was challenging, particularly in the tunneling market, so careful consideration was needed to ensure a suitable alternative could be sourced. Another challenge was finding suitable charging points in a busy central London site where space is at a premium and plant often remained fixed in its location.

In total the initiative switched 11 MEWPS (mobile elevating work platforms) to hybrid fuels, used an electric concrete pump and a hybrid excavator, plus has recently purchased an electric telehandler. It also moved to HVO Green D+ fuel for plant which didn’t have suitable emission-free alternatives. Tracking fuel usage on its internal environmental reporting system, the project saved a combined 58,000 kg/CO2e to date with more savings to follow once the project comes to an end.

Helping promote the initiative through its supply chain, Mace have shared its ‘diesel reduction hierarchy’ and clean technology resources with its sub-contractors, to educate and encourage considerate decisions in the use of diesel-based plant.

Demonstrating the effective use of alternative sustainable fuels to reduce carbon emissions, Mace is paving the way for greener and cleaner practices onsite and across its supply chain.

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