Mulalley and Company Ltd, for the initiative: “Mulalley Market Place – Reducing Waste, Adding Value”

Mulalley Marketplace is a unique platform that allows its teams to efficiently divert surplus construction materials away from the skip and towards the benefit of the community. To uphold the company’s environmental commitment and reduce waste items going to landfill, sites can simply upload details of unwanted materials to the Marketplace, which would then be circulated to local community organisations, colleges and charities to reserve and pick up. To date the initiative has donated over £25,000 worth of items, including: 40 pallets of bricks; 41 doors; 2 tonnes of timber; 4 pallets of paving slabs; 24 lengths of skirting; and 150 litres of paint. By increasing the lifecycle of the materials and diverting them from landfill to benefit the community, Mulalley has saved over 22,518kg/CO2.

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