Rafal Deska, Stella Rossa Ltd, for the initiative: “Workplace wellness challenge “Get Fit, Don’t Quit”

The ‘Get Fit – Don’t Quit’ wellness challenge is the brainchild of fitness enthusiast Rafal Deska, Project Coordinator for Stella Rossa. Since joining the company, Rafal has been committed to boosting morale on sites and cultivating team spirit, managing several team-building activities over the years. Inspired by his passion for health and fitness, Rafal decided to bring his colleagues together by challenging them to move more.

Rafal’s fitness journey started in his mid-30’s when he found himself struggling with health issues due to poor diet and lifestyle choices. After applying small changes to his daily routine, he soon realised running had the biggest impact to his health and wellbeing. His enthusiasm for fitness quickly spread across the company and the idea of a team-building wellness challenge was born.

Stella Rosa Ltd Rafal Deska Workforce Individual Champion award CCS Awards

Workforce Wellness Challenge

Rafal began planning the challenge, researching how to track and measure results so each member could be accountable, sharing their progress daily. He also wanted the challenge to be inclusive to all regardless of age, gender or ability, so he focused on exercises anybody can do, whether it is walking,  running or riding a bike, everything counts as long as the participants move.

To motivate staff to take part he created interim goals with prizes for the most successful participants. To raise the funds required to buy prizes, Rafal began reclaiming unused materials from sites and selling them on in his free time, not only did this help the challenge but it also reduced site waste and supported the company’s sustainability strategy.

The ‘Get Fit – Don’t Quit’ initiative has been an overwhelming success with approximately 20% of the workforce committing to actively participate in the challenge. Many members have lost weight and reported improvements in their mood, whilst others are getting off the train a stop early to take in a longer walk.

Rafal Deska Workplace Wellness Challenge Stella Rosa Ltd

Supporting Health & Wellbeing

Rafal’s passion and enthusiasm in supporting the health and wellbeing of his colleagues has been inspirational. Through this initiative he has encouraged his colleagues from across the business to set and achieve their goals no matter how big or small, strengthening their physical and mental health, creating long-term habits for a healthier lifestyle, and helping them feel a sense of belonging as part of a team.

A keen marathon runner, Rafal continues to challenge himself and lead by example by regularly raising money for charity, most notably running the London Marathon collecting over £1,600 for the Well Child Charity with the help of his colleagues.