Rubicon Heritage Services, for the initiative: “The Shindig Archaeology Podcast”

Expanding its outreach programme to connect to new audiences, Rubicon Heritage Services is successfully harnessing the power of digital broadcasting with a new archaeology, history and heritage podcast series. Recognising the growing popularity of podcasts as a marketing tool, Rubicon Heritage wanted to reach beyond its existing archaeological following to a wider audience, aiming at local communities, potential new clients and international audiences.

Resident Outreach

The company was particularly interested in connecting with residents in and around its projects to help raise awareness of the economic and cultural importance of developer-funded archaeology, share newly-discovered heritage finds, and generate a sense of local pride. It was also striving to leave a positive impression and mitigate the impact of site work with residents who might otherwise have only seen the temporary disruption to their daily lives.

With a long tradition of involvement in academic and popular publications, events and exhibitions, podcasting would be a natural progression to complement its existing outreach programme in an entertaining way that would appeal to all.

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Tapping into its professional network including colleagues from the Red River Archaeology Group, Rubicon Heritage Services identified and secured a diverse collection of archaeologists from across Europe for season 1. Content needed to be informative, interesting and accessible to specialist archaeologists as well as local communities, so it was imperative that the team found the right balance in the level of detail.

‘The Shindig” Digital Podcast Series

The podcast series titled ‘The Shindig’ would include: a ‘Meet the Archaeologist’ feature; case studies on recent heritage projects; and chats with experts, authors and artists to discuss the latest archaeological research. The series would deliver 3 episodes simultaneously, with feedback and metrics from these shows informing the content and style for the remainder of episodes.

Comprising of 13 episodes, season 1 successfully delivered nearly 10 hours of original content, with 1,500+ downloads and gained almost 1,900 followers. Available 24/7 via a free online archive, the company can reuse content across multiple channels to reach a far wider and more diverse audience than would otherwise have been possible.

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Staff engagement has been exceptional with many proactively asking to be involved in the next season. Feedback from clients has also been positive with many eager to participate as part of their own community outreach programmes.

The success of the podcast has spurred the launch of season 2 which has already seen an increase of both downloads and engagement compared to season 1.

Increasing public awareness of cultural heritage, The Shindig is an entertaining and educational podcast that is shining a spotlight on archaeology, positively engaging with new audiences and inspiring future generations. 

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