VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd, The Apex, for the initiative: “Strock installation for internal walls”


The Apex has become the UK’s first large-scale structure to reuse subsoil as a construction material, saving 84% in carbon emissions and 93m3 of waste. Recycling excavated subsoil from landfill, VolkerFitzpatrick in partnership with the Reef Group, Bennetts Associates and brickmaker HG Matthews, have produced low-carbon Strock earth blocks to clad the basement perimeter walls internally. Meeting rigorous testing criteria for strength, safety and fire, the blocks are free from toxic chemicals and can be returned to the ground or reused at the end of the building’s life. By creating a circular economy and reducing the demand on natural resources required to produce traditional concrete blocks, the team have improved its environmental impact and created a blueprint for other projects to inspire the use of earth-based construction techniques.

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