Wernick Hire Ltd, for the initiative: “Net Zero by 2040”

Accelerating its path to a greener sustainable future, the Wernick Group have prioritised the environment across all its operations, striving to innovate and collaborate to integrate sustainable solutions that will make a genuine difference in the fight against climate change.

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Carbon Management Plan

The Carbon Management Plan is a key component in Wernick’s sustainability strategy to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 45% by 2030, cut carbon emissions by 6.7% annually, and achieve net zero by 2040. The plan uses accessible unambiguous language to provide clear direction, defining 22 transformational actions. Thanks to the company’s efforts in establishing baseline carbon data (encompassing scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions according to the 5 categories of PPN 06/21), management teams can monitor performance and drive ongoing improvements. Wernick’s approach is based on the adoption of an energy management hierarchy, prioritising energy elimination, reduction, conversion, optimisation and generation, as well as setting SMART targets for waste, water, and fleet activities.

Enhancing resilience across its operations, over the past 12 months Wernick has successfully completed 11 projects, saving 175,000 kWh and 41 tonnes of CO2e, and generating nearly 150,000 kWh of its own energy.

Sustainability Strategy

Key projects include: the upgrade of LED lighting in all factories and depots; installation of voltage optimisation units at manufacturing facilities; upgrades to office buildings for an EPC B rating; using solar panel at its head office and main factory; and transitioning its fleet to electric with the introduction of vehicle chargers.

With a focus on waste management the company has adopted a single supplier arrangement, reduced the use of single-use plastics, and implemented a paperless office for invoicing, collections, and deliveries. It has also made substantial investments in decarbonising its clients’ emissions through the procurement of products such as the Greenspace hire range, which holds an EPC A rating.

Facilitating Change

Empowering staff to embrace change and question existing protocols, Wernick is providing carbon literacy training and development programmes enabling individuals to confidently engage with clients promoting low carbon opportunities. The company is also fostering a spirit of competition by acknowledging performance, providing incentives for energy-efficient proposals and sharing weekly success stories.

The Carbon Management Plan and Wernick’s net zero ambition have brought about a transformative shift in its operations, leaving a positive legacy beyond just complying with its legal requirements, it is also leading by example and collaborating with suppliers on their own net zero journeys. Decarbonisation is now embedded across all major works programmes, and sustainability has become an everyday part of the workplace culture.

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