Becoming a registered supplier with the Scheme was a natural step for Garic Ltd

The Code of Considerate Practice closely reflects our corporate values, and to be independently scrutinised and accepted, gives very valuable additional credibility to our business.

Neil Richardson, Director, Garic Ltd 

Lancashire-based Garic Ltd prides itself on providing safe and eco-efficient plant and machinery to the construction industry and considered Supplier Registration as an appropriate way to enhance its industry image.

Garic’s Director, Neil Richardson said: “Since it was launched in 1997, the Scheme has been enthusiastically embraced by hundreds of high performing construction contractors and we felt that it was time for suppliers like us to stand up and be counted too.

“All of our equipment, from our welfare vans and accommodation units to dust suppression systems, wash bays and drip trays, play a critical role in the safe and eco-efficient running of construction sites. It therefore seemed entirely appropriate that we should register.”

Supplier Registration allows any company supplying goods and materials to the construction industry to sign up to the Scheme and enjoy the benefits of registration, as Garic did in April 2016.

Suppliers like Garic perform a vital role in the construction process, sharing a mutual responsibility to behave in a considerate manner at all times and portray a positive image of the industry.


Industry Image asked Neil a few questions about Garic Ltd and how registration with the Scheme had enhanced their work.

Please tell us a bit about your company and why you chose to register as a supplier with the Scheme:

Garic is one of the UK’s most forward-thinking manufacturers and suppliers of plant and equipment to the construction industry. We have built up our business steadily over the past 20 years, investing significantly in outstanding personnel, new products and services and have won many leading industry awards.

What are the benefits of being registered with the Scheme and how does its Code of Considerate Practice support your company’s values/CSR policies or ethos?

Garic’s aim is to forge close working relationships with all of our contractor clients so that we can play an integral role in assisting them with running their sites as professionally as possible. Being part of the Scheme plays an important part in that.

How do you incorporate the requirements of the Scheme into your working practices?

Our management team and department heads carefully compared the requirements of the Scheme with existing Garic health and safety, environmental, employee welfare and customer service policies and were delighted to see how closely aligned they were.

As we continue to adapt and improve standards we will be making sure they meet, if not exceed, those required as part of our registration.

What typical challenges do you encounter in relation to the community, environment or the workplace during your operations and how do you overcome these?

One specific large-scale challenge for Garic is managing the logistical aspects of the business; ensuring our clients, wherever they are in the UK, receive the products they need, on time and in tip-top condition.

To ensure we do this, and meet our exacting environmental standards, the company has invested over £150,000 in the last 12 months in bespoke vehicle tracking software. The software provides real time data for the 250 delivery and service vehicles we have on the road. It monitors safe and eco-efficient driving standards, assists with maximising fuel efficiency and optimising vehicle allocation.

How do you feel the Scheme is improving the image of construction?

We feel the Scheme is improving the image of construction by focussing attention on the needs of clients. It is setting a standard of neighbourliness; promoting the need to be aware of those in close proximity and the broader community and how to behave professionally.

The independent assessments that companies are required to undertake to be part of the Scheme, which include safety, environmental standards, employee welfare and local community respect, are valuable benchmarks which we welcome.

Would you recommend registration with the Scheme to other suppliers?

Yes, Garic would recommend it to others, most definitely! The Scheme has been very successful in raising client-centric performance standards amongst contractors and we hope other suppliers will follow our lead so that together we can strengthen the whole supply chain.