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Women's PPE in Construction

Women’s PPE in Construction

Supporting the Provision of PPE for Women in Construction The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) is proud to support women in construction with its nationally-recognised Code of Considerate Practice. As of 1st January 2023, the Scheme has introduced a fundamental update to its Code which has now placed access to Women’s PPE provision at construction sites […]

woman showing ill fitting PPE vs female appropriate PPE

PPE that fits women: why is it crucial

The widespread adoption of PPE that fits women in the construction workforce has been an industry issue for some time, and the CCS is proud to have made a positive contribution through mandating its provision in sites that register with us in the latest update of our checklist.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used to […]

women's ppe provision construction insights

Women’s PPE Provision: Our Monitor Shares her Insights

Interview with Jo Rieny, Scheme Monitor on Women’s PPE Provision This week, we caught up with Jo Rieny, a Considerate Constructors Scheme Monitor and construction industry specialist who has been working within the sector for over 20 years. She has worked in a range of health, safety and compliance roles, before taking up a position […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Construction

Corporate Social Responsibility in Construction

The role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Construction Introducing Morgan Ford from Kier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a critical consideration for many businesses, but an integral part of the construction industry. As construction firms work on new projects, they have a direct impact on the local communities and neighbourhoods in which they operate in, […]

Resident Liaison Officer Beatriz Munoz from Bouygues

Beatriz Munoz, Resident Liaison Officer at Bouygues UK

The Role of a Resident Liaison Officer Introducing Beatriz Munoz from Bouygues UK As part of our showcasing of success and best practices within the construction industry, we are introducing a new ‘In Focus…’ news feature on the CCS website where we interview a range of different people working within construction and discuss the importance […]