Cartoon posters

Cartoon poster A1

November 2008


The Scheme has developed a series of eight posters (one for each category of the Code of Considerate Practice), depicting examples of good and bad site working practices in cartoon format.

These cartoon posters are intended to give an easy to understand, visual overview of the eight different areas of the Scheme’s concern. They are only intended for use inside a registered site and should be displayed where they can be easily viewed by those working on the site.
The cartoon posters are available as a set of eight posters, in A3 or A1 size, to purchase via the Scheme’s administration office. All registered sites will automatically be sent a single A1 size poster, showing all eight images, along with their standard Scheme posters/banners. Additional copies of the general cartoon poster are available free of charge from the Scheme’s administration office.

The Scheme’s General Manager, Edward Hardy, said: The Scheme is always keen to do all it can to help its registered sites explain what the Scheme means to those working on them. I hope that these new posters will become commonplace on sites and that their message will encourage even higher standards of consideration.