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Scheme ties on there own and on Directors etc

Contract Journal, 14 February 2007

The Considerate Constructors Scheme’s (CCS) ambition knows no limits: not content with improving the construction industry’s image with its code of Considerate Practice, it appears the Scheme is moving into fashion.

At the Scheme’s annual press lunch at The Ivy (celebrity spot this year was AA Gill, the Sunday Times columnist and friend of recent CJ cover star Jeremy Clarkson), the CCS directors and monitors were all sporting the Scheme’s new tie.

The director’s tie comes in navy blue with diagonal yellow stripes, while the monitor’s tie repeats the navy blue, but with red diagonal stripes. A faint CCS logo is repeated all over the tie.

Female CCS monitors get a fetching lapel pin.

CCS directors refused to comment on rumours that London Fashion Week is as high on its agenda as National Construction Week.