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Registration with the Scheme and performance to a prescribed level may count towards industry accreditations as outlined below. The Standards in place within these organisations are subject to regular review and the Scheme recommends that individual companies or construction projects consult the appropriate body to fully understand how Scheme registration is credited within any Standard and what is required by that body as evidence.



BREEAM is the world’s first and leading sustainability assessment and certification scheme for the built environment. It is an international standard that is locally adapted, operated and applied through a network of scheme operators, assessors and industry professionals.

Through its application, BREEAM recognises and reflects the value in higher performing assets and aims to inspire and empower change by rewarding and motivating sustainability across the life cycle of master-planning projects, infrastructure and buildings.

BREEAM assesses, encourages and rewards environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout the built environment.

BRE operates a number of BREEAM versions, each designed to assess the sustainability performance of buildings, projects or assets at various stages in the life cycle, and these include Communities, New Construction, Infrastructure, In-Use and Refurbishment and Fit Out.

The full version of the Standard is available by clicking here and the Scheme is referenced within the Management section.

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Email: breeam@bre.co.uk

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Home Quality Mark

home quality mark

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is a customer- focused, third-party assessment and certification scheme. It recognises new homes where performance meets best-practice standards that are often significantly above those required by regulation. It defines a rigorous, evidence based, relevant and independent voluntary standard for new homes, and is built on tried and tested processes commonly used in the UK and the rest of the world.

Through a simple and accessible rating system supported by a number of performance indicators representing home occupier’s key priorities, HQM allows consumers to compare new homes in terms of their likely running costs and environmental footprint, as well as providing a measure of a healthier home. It allows home-builders to evaluate their operations and set their new homes apart from others by supporting performance claims and explaining the benefits of new homes to their customers and others

HQM builds on best practice in the housing sector, drawing together a range of quality and performance standards and combining this with the latest scientific research. In doing so, it provides a rigorous, credible and achievable performance label of new homes that reflects a broad range of expectations from industry, occupiers and society.

HQM is developed and operated by BRE and it is part of the BREEAM family of quality and sustainability standards. As such, it benefits from over 27 years of experience in evaluating and certifying performance in homes and other buildings within the UK and the rest of the world.

The full version of the Standard is available by clicking here and the Scheme is referenced within the Management section.

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Email: hqm@bre.co.uk

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Code for Sustainable Homescode-for-sustainable-homes

Following the technical housing standards review, the government has withdrawn Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH), but it remains in place for some existing projects which began before it was retracted.

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Telephone: 01923 664462
Email: hqm@bre.co.uk

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CEEQUAL is promoted as ‘the Assessment and Awards Scheme for improving sustainability in civil engineering and public realm projects’. It is an evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme which promotes and celebrates the achievement of high environmental and social performance.

CEEQUAL became part of the BRE Group in November 2015. The scheme now operates alongside BREEAM – bringing together the world’s leading sustainability assessment methods for buildings, master planning, and infrastructure.

CEEQUAL aims to deliver improved project specification, design and construction of civil engineering works. CEEQUAL rewards project and contract teams in which clients, designers and contractors go beyond the legal and environmental and social minima to achieve distinctive environmental and social performance in their work. In addition to its use as a rating system to assess performance, it also provides significant influence to project or contract teams as they develop, design and construct their work, because it encourages them to consider the issues in the question set at the most appropriate time.

The full version of the CEEQUAL Assessment Manual is available by clicking here and the Scheme is referenced within the People and Communities section.

Telephone: 0333 014 7880
Email: enquiries@ceequal.com

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Ska is an initiative similar to BREEAM and was launched in 2009 by the RICS specifically for non-domestic fit-outs (principally office fit-outs) and measures the level of sustainable good practice. There is also a ‘Ska Rating for Retail’, covering food retail, non-food retail, banks, and restaurants.

As with other initiatives, a good CCS score is reflected in credits towards the final Ska rating. The CCS reference in Ska is contained in the ‘Other’ category.

The rating is made up of some 104 Good Practice Measures spread across eight categories: Energy & CO2 Emissions, Materials, Pollution, Transport, Waste, Water, Wellbeing, and Other. There are three stages to a Ska assessment: Design, Handover, and Occupancy.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards can be achieved depending on the number of good practice measures relevant to a project, called ‘measures in scope’, that are achieved. Some measures are more important from a sustainability perspective, so the measures are ranked from 1 to 99, and a project must achieve a number of the highest ranked ones, which are called ‘Gateway Measures’.

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Email: contactrics@rics.org

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