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Code of Considerate Practice

Organisations registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme make a commitment to conform to the Code of Considerate Practice.

Through consideration to community engagement, the environment and workforce wellbeing they strive to improve the impact of the construction industry and leave a positive legacy through the implementation of best practice.

The Code of Considerate Practice defines the fundamental expectations for registration with the Scheme. The Code applies equally to all organisations registered with the Scheme, regardless of size, type or location.


Constructors must manage their impact on their neighbours and the public to support a positive experience, by:

  • Ensuring courteous and respectful language and appropriate behaviour in and around the construction activity.
  • Providing a safer environment, preventing unnecessary disturbance, and reducing nuisance for the community from their activities.
  • Proactively maintaining effective engagement with the community to deliver meaningful positive impacts.


Constructors must minimise their impact and enhance the natural environment, by:

  • Prioritising environmental issues to protect the natural environment and minimising negative impacts.
  • Optimising the use of resources, including minimising carbon throughout the value chain.
  • Engaging with the community to improve the local environment in a meaningful way.


Constructors must create a supportive, inclusive, and healthy workplace, by:

  • Actively encouraging and supporting an inclusive and diverse workplace.
  • Proactively supporting safe working, mental and physical wellbeing at work.
  • Providing workplaces that are, well maintained, clean and secure from physical and biological hazards.

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