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History of the Considerate Constructors Scheme

In late 1994, following Sir Michael Latham’s review ‘Constructing the Team’, the Construction Industry Council formed the ‘Latham Review Implementation Forum’. One of the member groups focused on the need to improve the image of the industry. The result was the creation of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

In 1996 a steering group took over the implementation of this new Scheme and developed the Code of Considerate Practice. They also decided on the general principles that the Scheme should aim to achieve. These were: to form a voluntary scheme founded on encouragement, which would work with construction companies sites to improve their relationship with their neighbours, the general public and the environment; that the Scheme should carry out inspections of registered sites and report on and mark them against the eight key areas listed in the Code of Considerate Practice and finally to reward the best performing sites.

In 1997, responsibility for the implementation of the Scheme was given to the Institute of Building who recruited Doug Goodsir as General Manager. The pilot Scheme which followed refined the plan and fleshed out the working details of the Scheme.

The Scheme was officially launched in June 1997. Seventy-five sites were registered and four Monitors were recruited.

As more and more of the industry’s construction sites realised the benefits of registration, there were requests to be able to register a company with the Scheme, not just sites. In 2009, the Scheme developed Company Registration – to allow a company to register and adhere to the same Code of Considerate Practice as sites, with the work they undertake, dependent upon their annual turnover, covered by the Scheme.

In June 2014, in recognition of the critical contribution suppliers make to the construction industry, the Scheme’s Supplier Registration was introduced for companies that provide goods and materials to the construction industry.

The Scheme now registers and monitors thousands of sites, companies and suppliers each year, and has been instrumental in many of the improvements enjoyed today.

Annual Review

Each year the Scheme publishes its Annual Review which takes a look at highlights from the calendar as well as providing statistics, a list of Associate Members, Client Partners, Company Partners and Scheme Supporters, and information about upcoming developments.

Click here to view the Scheme’s 2016 Annual Review