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Recognised Constructors

Third party accreditation organisations which play an active and enthusiastic role in facilitating positive and lasting change in the construction industry can now become ‘Recognised’ by the Scheme.

Members of these ‘Recognised Bodies’ will be granted ‘Recognised Constructor’ status and be given an exclusive logo to promote their considerate credentials. They will also feature on the Construction Map which provides a single point of reference for construction activity across the country.


Organisations will attain Recognised Body status following a full review of the expectations they place on their members. Those which require their members to perform to the highest professional standards will be offered Recognised Body status.

All members of that body or organisation will be granted Recognised Constructor status.

The Construction Map

Once an organisation becomes a Recognised Body, they will appear on the Construction Map with full contact details including their website, their logo and a link to view all their members.

Recognised Constructors will also appear on the Construction Map with brief contact details and links to the Recognised Body through which they have achieved the standard.

Additional functionality such as star ratings and profile customisation is reserved for those fully registered with the Scheme.


When Recognised Body status has been confirmed, a logo will be issued to the body or organisation for them to promote their Recognised Body status and highlight the high standards they place on members.

Recognised Constructors will also be issued with a logo that they can display to inform all that they are recognised.

Logo issued to all Recognised Bodies

Logo issued to all Recognised Constructors


There will be no fee to the industry body or individual members for the issuing of the Recognised standards.

Becoming a Recognised Body

Organisations which wish to become a Recognised Body, should contact enquiries@ccscheme.org.uk or call 0800 783 1423.