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Scheme Monitors



Monitors are drawn from the senior ranks of all disciplines within the construction industry, with a fairly even division between architects, engineers, contractors and surveyors.

Monitors must have a high level of understanding about all aspects of the UK construction industry and demonstrate a desire to see it improve.

In addition to having the right experience and relevant qualifications, Monitors are often involved in activities beyond their everyday work, e.g. involvement in their association or other construction related organisation.

The Scheme’s Monitors will visit registered sites, companies and suppliers to monitor and assess them against the Code of Considerate Practice to determine the level of consideration they are showing towards the public, their workforce and the environment.

After the Monitor has visited a site, he/she then produces a report. The report should be positive, helpful, encouraging and constructive. Evidence of good practice and performance beyond compliance with the Code of Considerate Practice are highlighted, and areas where improvements can be made or are necessary are also pointed out.

Monitors will also offer guidance and support to help construction sites, companies and suppliers further develop their working practices and raise their considerate efforts.

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