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Monitors are drawn from the senior ranks of all disciplines within the construction industry, with a fairly even division between architects, engineers, contractors and surveyors.

Monitors must have a high level of understanding about all aspects of the UK construction industry and demonstrate a desire to see it improve.

In addition to having the right experience and relevant qualifications, Monitors are often involved in activities beyond their everyday work, e.g. involvement in their association or other construction related organisation.

The Scheme’s Monitors will visit registered sites, companies and suppliers to monitor and assess them against the Code of Considerate Practice to determine the level of consideration they are showing towards the public, their workforce and the environment.

After the Monitor has visited a site, he/she then produces a report. The report should be positive, helpful, encouraging and constructive. Evidence of good practice and performance beyond conformance with the Code of Considerate Practice are highlighted, and areas where improvements can be made or are necessary are also pointed out.

Monitors will also offer guidance and support to help construction sites, companies and suppliers further develop their working practices and raise their considerate efforts.

The Scheme is currently looking to appoint Monitors in the following areas:

  • Wales
  • Buckinghamshire
  • North Cornwall
  • North Devon
  • Shropshire
  • Hampshire

Please email your cv and covering letter to monitors@ccscheme.org.uk

Due to the continued growth of the Scheme, there is always a demand for Monitors to carry out construction site, company and supplier visits in and around city locations across the UK and Ireland.

The Scheme’s national network of experienced industry professionals visit and report on construction site, company and supplier activities, providing guidance and encouragement in order to raise industry standards.

This role offers flexibility and would suit those looking for a part-time position or for a role that fits around existing commitments. If you are a current or retired experienced industry professional, with a wide and comprehensive knowledge of the UK construction industry, then this role is ideal for you.

Monitors are self-employed and remunerated per visit and are able to carry out as many or few visits as they would like, subject to a minimum of 5 visits per month.

Monitor Selection and Assessment Process

Prospective Monitors should appreciate that the process of selecting and appointing new Monitors can be protracted, often taking several weeks to complete.

Once an application is received, this will be assessed and those selected will then be put through an assessment process comprising of two main stages:

Stage 1 – Observation – Shadowing Monitor Site Visits

Stage 2 – Assessment – Conducting Monitor Site Visits


On the basis of a successful completion at Stage 2, and having received a letter of appointment as a Scheme Monitor, the administration office will begin to send details of the sites to be visited. When completed, the reports should be sent to the Scheme office. However, first reports will be reviewed by an experienced Monitor Trainer for further feedback and advice to enable any amends to be made to the reports where necessary prior to them being sent to the contractors.

The Scheme will ask the Monitor Trainer to arrange a meeting with the new Monitor a few months after they start, to shadow them on a couple more visits and discuss their progress. This gives the new Monitor the opportunity to raise any queries but also receive some valuable feedback and further guidance from an experienced Monitor.

New Monitors will also be invited to attend a Monitor Development Workshop, normally in the first few months after appointment subject to availability, which will provide them with further important information about the Scheme and the role of the Monitor, and also provides an opportunity to meet fellow Monitors and members of the administration team.

If you are keen to be part of the Scheme’s ongoing success, please email your CV with a covering letter to monitors@ccscheme.org.uk.


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