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This page is intended to offer support and guidance to all registered sites, companies and suppliers, to help them adhere to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

To view the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, click here

Best Practice Hub

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has developed an online resource hosting a wealth of best practice tips, expertise, guidance and case studies to help constructors raise industry standards.

Created in accordance with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, this unique database, available to anyone and free of charge, will detail best practice initiatives either already in place or currently being developed throughout the construction industry.

You will also find a number of resources and materials which offer guidance to companies in documenting procedures or plans which help to demonstrate to others that you are a considerate constructor. Please note that the documents are to be used as a guide only and do not cover all laws and regulations with which a contractor has to comply with under legislation.

Click here to visit the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub

Monitors’ Checklists

The Scheme’s Monitors’ Checklist is used by the Scheme’s Monitors to assess the performance of registered sites, companies and suppliers against the Code of Considerate Practice.

Click the links below for more information on Monitors’ Checklists by registration type.


The Scheme offers a number of additional products for registered sites and companies to purchase that can be used to enhance their registration.

To view the selection of products, please select the type of registration:

Additional support

The Scheme has produced various documents and materials which will assist registered sites, companies and suppliers carry out the requirements of the Scheme. This includes a good neighbour questionnaire for registered sites, a survey that companies can use to gauge performance and a compliments/comments/complaints form to record feedback you receive regarding your construction activity.

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Logo Usage

There are a number of logos available to registered sites, companies and suppliers which can be used to promote registration with the Scheme.

It is important that the correct logos are used in the correct way so that the public understand how the site, company or supplier is registered. It is also important that only official logos, obtained from the Scheme, are used in order to ensure quality of branding and consistency.

Please read the below logo usage guidance document which explains the various Scheme logos and which are available to registered sites, companies and suppliers.

Click here to read the Scheme’s Logo Usage Guidelines


The Scheme offers a variety of presentations and training designed to help registered sites understand the aims of the Scheme, and guide them on how they can perform beyond compliance.

Scheme presentations

Introduction to the Scheme
Introductory overview presentation about the Considerate Constructors Scheme and its expectations.
1 hour£250 + VAT
Attending/speaking/presenting at other events£250 + VAT

Site Registration

Find out how to perform beyond the basic requirements and hear examples of what sites have done to win National Site Awards.
3 hours£139.50 + VAT per person
Advanced Workshop
An all day workshop intended for those who already have extensive knowledge of the Scheme, including a buffet lunch.
 All Day£345 + VAT per person
Private Workshop
A Workshop presented to a group at a contractor’s chosen location.
3 hours£1508
Advisory Meeting
A visit to a site by a Scheme Monitor to advise on how the site might improve its score.
£269 + VAT
New Contractor Visit
For contractors who have registered their first site with the Scheme. A brief presentation outlining the aims and expectations of the Scheme.

Company Registration

 Introduction to Company Registration
This presentation provides a general introduction to Company Registration.
1 hour£269 + VAT
Other Company Registration presentations/meetings are available on request.