CCS new registration record

Graph showing the rise in registrations

February 2007

Despite February’s historical position as one of the year’s quieter months in the industry, the Considerate Constructors Scheme has registered a new record of over 500 new sites for the month of February 2007.

With a past registration growth rate of some 20% year on year for the last 6 years, the latest figures indicate a trend towards further growth for 2007. Part of this growth has resulted from the increase in Associate Membership of the Scheme to twenty-four contractors, each of whom are committed to registering all their sites. A further portion of the increase may be due to the inclusion of the Scheme as a requirement with organisations such as EcoHomes and the Clients’ Charter. However, analysis of the statistics also shows a significant growth in new registrations independent of any membership or third party requirement.

Edward Hardy, General Manager of the Scheme, commented: “We have enjoyed almost consistent growth since the Scheme was started in 1997, and it is very gratifying to see this trend shows no sign of slowing. Considerate construction techniques are now part of the fabric of the industry, and this is due to the enthusiasm and commitment of the contractors who continue to choose Scheme registration “