As part of our new strategy we are conducting research for the review and restructure of the Considerate Constructors Scheme Code of Considerate Practice.

As the organisation set-up to encourage and challenge the construction industry to improve its standards over 20 years ago, we have made significant progress over this period. This has been down to a substantial number of organisations in the sector, many of whom have been a committed part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, raising standards in considerate construction across projects and reaching higher levels year-on-year.

We believe, as the organisation established to encourage and support the raising of standards, that the time is right to use our pedigree, knowledge, expertise and commitment, working with industry, to make positive changes to how we do things, what we offer and how we can help.

Towards the end of 2020 we published our strategy for the future of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, ‘Raising Standards, Building Trust’ which outlined a number of ambitious next steps for CCS to take during 2021 and 2022.

As part of our new strategy we are conducting research for the review and restructure of the Considerate Constructors Scheme Code of Considerate Practice.

We are keen that the new Code will offer greater flexibility to cater for different sized organisations, projects and types of work and help organisations with achieving a positive legacy across the local communities you work in.

We have produced a short survey which is being shared with CCS stakeholders and wider engagement groups and we are asking for input from all of our registered organisations and anyone who works in the construction industry.

The survey explores key aspects of delivering a positive legacy across the built environment and how CCS can help the industry raise its standards and ultimately help to build public trust. The survey will be open for submissions throughout May.

This survey is now closed but we welcome any thoughts and feedback you may have, you can get in touch by emailing

We have already made a number of key develpments against the next steps outlined in the strategy:

A new way for public and residents to ‘Get in Touch’

A new page has been added to the CCS website to provide an easy to use channel for members of the public to engage with CCS.

To create a smoother experience for those wanting to get in touch with CCS, the QR code featured on the CCS Registration Posters displayed by all CCS-registered activity has been updated so each site will have its own custom QR code which, once scanned, will auto-populate the location section of the Get in Touch form on the website. The online form provides a quick and easy way for members of the public and residents to get in touch with CCS.

Comments and complaints will still be handled in the same way by the CCS Public Support team, who will raise any complaints received with the site and ask them to respond.

Click here to view the Get in Touch page.

An updated approach to recognition

This year we will be updating our approach to recognition and ensuring our awards programme is in-line with the new CCS strategy, click here to find out more.

New dashboard coming soon!

The new CCS digital dashboard is currently being tested and is due to be launched later this summer. When this new system is ready to implement we will be sending out guidance and information to all registered activity. This new interactive platform will provide CCS registered organisations a quick and easily understandable picture of your current performance and where you can make improvements.

We are currently engaging with a group of volunteer Partners who are helping to advise on what features will be most useful for registered users to access and utilise through the dashboard. We look forward to sharing further updates with everyone about this soon.

To keep up to date with all CCS developments and initiatives, you can sign up to our quarterly newsletter here, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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