CCS unveils performance stats for 2006

14 February 2007

Contract Journal,
CCS unveils performance stats for 2006

Sites registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) failed to improve in eight key benchmarks last year compared with the previous year’s performance. But this fact needs to be seen in the context of a 26% increase in the number if sites registered.

The average overall site score was 30.84 out of 40, compared with 31.11 the year before.

The drive towards the fully qualified workforce continued: 82% of workers on CCS-registered sites had CSCS cards in 2006, compared with 77% in 2005. The percentage of women on site increased from 1.045% in 2005 to 1.52% last year.

The number of reportable accidents increased from 1215 to 1469 but this must be set against a 21% increase in the number of site operatives to 198,321, meaning that the years-to-reportable accident figure increased from 102 to 136. Intriguingly, the number of non-reportable accidents dropped from 1720 to 1660.

The list of associate members has grown to 20, with another four to be confirmed soon.

Now 10 years old, the Scheme is set to be reviewed by its stakeholders. Meanwhile, the CCS will research the building site of the future. This will involve the production of a real or virtual model of the site of the future, along with a document identifying future trends, with bursaries given to institutions providing relevant research.