Changes to Company Registration coming in 2017

Due to the continued growth and development of Company Registration, a number of changes will be implemented in 2017 to ensure its ongoing success.

The fundamental principles of Company Registration remain – the company as a whole will continue to be registered and annual turnover will determine the activity that is covered.


A registered company will receive an annual visit to its office to ensure it is meeting the expectations of registration and to assess that company’s overall performance with the Scheme. This visit will result in the issuing of a score that reflects its performance against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

Companies with an annual turnover up to £3.5m will also require validation checks to be conducted on suitable projects. These Monitor visits are to verify that the standards discussed at the office are being implemented on site. The results of the office visit and subsequent site validation checks are combined to produce a report and an updated score for that company.

Companies with an annual turnover greater than £3.5m are required to register all their sites with a duration of over six weeks under the Scheme’s Site Registration option. Companies that carry out only subcontract work (where they are only working on other companies’ sites), or only conduct short duration work that will not be registered with the Scheme (less than six week’s duration), are not required to register any separate sites and will therefore receive validation visits to verify the standards discussed at the office visit.

co-reg-changes-2017-2-2Where appropriate, a review of the performance of all registered sites will be carried out for companies with an annual turnover greater than £3.5m, and this review will form part of the annual office visit. The performance of the company, as well as all its registered sites, is considered when awarding a score.

Additional validation visits can be purchased if companies wish to receive further guidance, or to improve on their confirmed score if they feel developments have been made since the last visit.


Historically, the Checklist for registered companies was based on the Site Registration version, with a number of amends to account for the different nature of the monitoring.

In 2017, a number of brand new Checklists will be implemented which are better suited for the type of work undertaken by registered companies. There will be three Checklists, each one suitable for companies up to a certain turnover so that they are more appropriate for the size of the organisation, and will provide a more suitable framework to facilitate discussions between the company and Monitor. More details will follow shortly.

These changes to Company Registration will be implemented in early 2017. If existing companies have any queries or concerns, please contact the Scheme on 0800 783 1423 or email