Choosing a registration

The Scheme offers two main registration routes depending on the nature of the activity.

  • Site Registration – for assurance of specific sites. This registration route offers Site and Ultra Site options for sites with a duration greater than 12 weeks.
  • Organisation (Company) Registration – for assurance in relation to a company’s role as a Main Contractor, Sub-Contractor or Supplier and covers all site work with a duration less than 12 weeks.

Which registration is right for you?

These scenarios will help you identify whether Site or Organisation Registration is the right route for you.

  • If you are the Main Contractor of a site greater than 12 weeks in duration you should register your project as a Site or Ultra Site under the Site Registration route.
  • If you are a Sub Contractor or Supplier you should register your company under the Organisation Registration route. This will cover all your activity under the Code of Considerate Practice.
  • If you are a Main Contractor of a site(s) less than 12 weeks in duration you should register as a Main Contractor under the Organisation Registration route. If under this scenario, in addition to being a Main Contractor, you are also a Sub-Contractor or a Supplier you should still select the Main Contractor Registration route.
  • Many Main Contractors register both their sites with a greater than 12 week duration under Site Registration whilst also registering under Main Contractor Organisation Registration in order to benefit from Considerate Constructors Scheme registration no matter what work they undertake.

If you have any questions in relation to registering, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling 0800 783 1423.

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