Construction Client Assurance

Client Assurance helps give clients and investors confidence that their construction sites and projects are being delivered in line with the Code of Considerate Practice.

There are three assurance options available to Clients:

  1. Client Partnership – Client Partners deepen their commitment to Considerate Practice through registration of all Sites over 12 weeks duration.
  2. Specifying Site or Ultra Site registration into your tenders and contracts.
  3. Bespoke Client assurance – tailoring assurance to your specific needs.

Contact us to explore which option best suits your needs.

Specifying Main Contractor Site registration or Ultra Site registration in your contracts

We support Clients and Investors of construction sites and projects to specify Considerate Constructors Scheme registration through helping you include appropriate wording in tenders and contracts. There is no fee attached to the support we provide. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Bespoke Client Assurance

This option offers bespoke assurance for Clients that can be flexibly tailored to meet a Clients specific needs, and may cover a single project or multiple works.

Who can register for bespoke Client site assurance?

Any Client or investor in connection with a construction project or projects in which they have a commercial relationship can register.

Clients and investors who select this option will have third party contractors conducting works as a Main Contractor must have agreed Considerate Construction Scheme oversight, our other Client assurance option, in their contract.

Client Site assurance includes:

  • Assurance of clients and investors sites and projects against the Code of Considerate Practice.
  • Regular monitoring with a report assessing your performance against the Code of Considerate Practice, including performance levels and improvement areas.
  • Access to an Insights Dashboard to manage your considerate practice journey and track tour performance.

Monitoring options:

  • Defined through the Client or investor specific consultancy agreement.

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