Client Partners discuss Scheme

November 2008

 A meeting of the Scheme’s Client Partners was recently held in central London.
The Client Partners heard an update about the Scheme and its plans for the future, before discussing a series of questions, designed to ensure that the Scheme is meeting the needs of clients, contractors and the industry.

During the meeting, Client Partners were asked if they felt that the Scheme’s expectations of registered sites were appropriate and achievable. The Partners confirmed that they felt the issues and areas of sites’ activities being addressed by the Scheme were relevant and helpful.

The Scheme’s Client Partners are Great Portland Estates, Grosvenor, Peabody Trust, Highways Agency, Hillingdon Homes, Southern Housing Group, Construction Clients’ Group, Stanhope and Sainsbury’s.

Edward Hardy, the Scheme’s General Manager, said It is vitally important to the Scheme to hear the views of our Client Partners and to ensure that they have a good understanding of the views of the Scheme, so that the Scheme, the client and the contractors can all work together with the same aim of improving the image of our industry.