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About Client Partnership

Becoming a Client Partner is free and demonstrates that you are an organisation that proactively chooses to improve the image of the construction industry. As a Client Partner, the public and those working on your sites will immediately understand the importance that you place on showing care and consideration towards local communities and the environment, instilling a confidence from the very beginning.

Client Partnership lasts three years and member companies agree to recommend Scheme registration to all sites under their control and are expected to encourage compliance with all aspects of the Scheme’s Code on their registered sites.


Boost your image

Demonstrating a commitment to improving the image of your construction projects helps to significantly enhance the profile of your organisation with key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, the public and the investment community.

Become a best practice benchmark

Be among those who set the bar for an entire industry. Stay on top of rising standards by comparing your sites against competitors’ and even other projects of your own.

Evidence Corporate Social Responsibility

Independent validation from the Scheme helps to support and provide evidence for Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental programmes, recruitment and retention, and procurement strategies.

Be an award-winner

Each year we recognise and celebrate the highest performing sites with our much coveted National Site Awards.

Be first choice for the planning authorities

Your membership is a statement of intent that demonstrates your commitment to community engagement and minimising inconvenience during construction. This is viewed extremely positively by planning authorities and can make all the difference in their decisions.

Network with other like-minded industry clients

Network and share best practice with senior executives from other top organisations through Client Partner meetings held twice a year.

Access your sites online

You will be able to view the considerate performance of all of your sites via the Scheme’s online portal. You will see the latest reports and scores, any compliance certificates that have been awarded and when they’re due for their next Monitor visit.

Be put on the map features thousands of registered sites, companies and suppliers providing a single point of reference for construction activity across the UK and Ireland.

Terms of Client Partnership

Once a company has been accepted as a Client Partner:

Client Partners will:

  • Ensure that all construction companies or projects for which they are responsible, or which fall within the remit of the Scheme, are registered with the Scheme.
  • Ensure all company employees are aware of the Client Partnership and what this means (it is recommended that key personnel attend either a Scheme Seminar or Workshop).
  • Include in all tender documents, or other documentation issued to contractors, the following wording:
    ‘Allow for Site or Company Registration with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, including the appropriate fee, and ensure compliance with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice’.
  • Nominate a Board member, or another senior representative, to act as their contact for Client Partnership matters and to represent their company at Client Partners’ events.
  • Provide a link from their website to the Scheme’s website.
  • Ensure after one year of Client Partnership all sites registered, as a result of the Client Partner’s requirement, will achieve compliance and an overall average score of 32 or more points.
  • Consider all reasonable requests by a contractor to allow them to implement the Scheme.
  • Encourage membership of the Scheme’s ‘Company Registration’ initiative.

The Scheme will:

  • Publicise the Client Partner’s commitment to the Scheme.
  • Issue a Client Partnership logo for use on all marketing material and other company material.
  • Issue a Client Partnership certificate.
  • Invite Client Partners to a meeting/s.
  • Provide monthly benchmarking information and statistics comparing the Client Partner’s scores with the national averages.
  • Involve Client Partners in the development and direction of the Scheme.
  • Provide relevant information to assist Client Partners and their contractors in outperforming the basic expectations of the Scheme.
  • Provide a link from the Scheme’s website to the Client Partner’s website.

Download the Terms of Client Partnership

Longevity Awards

Client Partner Longevity Awards have been designed to recognise the commitment Client Partners of the Scheme have made in improving the image of construction.

Recognising at least five years of partnership with the Scheme, these companies have not only helped promote the highest levels of consideration, but have played their part in helping shape the Scheme into the organisation it is today.

Click here to view all Client Partner Longevity Awards


Our building projects are professionally managed and staff, students and the local community are encouraged to participate via different initiatives. This has contributed positively to the college’s brand.

Abingdon and Witney College

We look forward to seeing contractors of all sizes engaging with the CCS principles and promoting its values to improve the image of the industry as a whole.

Basildon Borough Council

Becoming a Client Partner of the Considerate Constructors Scheme is important to us in helping further enhance our development sites as fantastic places to work.

The Crown Estate

We’re proud to be an active member of the Scheme and believe it is our responsibility as a client to set the tone of the project from the very start by signing up.

Land Securities

The LSE is committed to developing its Estates in line with the principles of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and feel this will bring key advantages to the impacts of our schemes on the local area and look forward to being an active Client Partner

London School of Economics and Political Science

I think most contractors are geared up to work to the CCS standards, but may become complacent on sites that are not registered. Registration with the Scheme helps housing associations to ensure that their sites are well managed.

Southern Housing Group Ltd

Case Studies

The Scheme regularly publishes case studies from around the UK and Ireland showcasing the very best of considerate construction. Client Partners are exemplars of best practice within the construction industry and the Scheme already has a fantastic library to be viewed by the public.

A sample of this extensive library can be seen below. To read more case studies please click here.

The British Land Company

British Land is a leading UK commercial property company focused on high quality retail and London offices.

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Construction and property developer Groveworld Ltd specialises in unlocking development potential.

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Nottingham Trent University

An educational partnership – Client Partner Nottingham Trent University and the Considerate Constructors Scheme

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To read more case studies please click here


The Scheme’s portal allows you to easily access scoring and benchmarking information along with all your site reports and Certificates of Compliance.

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