Revolutionising the management of work related road risk

Being a CLOCS Champion or committing to operate in line with the CLOCS National Standard means that your company has made a commitment to operate to a higher standard.

CLOCS brings the construction logistics industry together to revolutionise the management of work related road risk (WRRR) and ensure a road safety culture is embedded across the industry. By working together we can help protect pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and other users who share the roads with construction vehicles.

A formal CLOCS monitoring approach has been developed by the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), part of the CLOCS secretariat and administration group. This allows contractors to establish how they are performing on a site by site basis, and will provide valuable feedback and guidance on potential areas for development.

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Please note that the CLOCS monitoring visit will be separate to a normal CCS visit, and anything observed will not prejudice your compliance with CCS or vice versa even if the two visits take place in quick succession to one another, or indeed concurrently, with one immediately following the other should circumstances allow.

If you wish to be monitored against the CLOCS National Standard, you can register for this as part of the online registration process. If your project has already registered or if you have chosen not to register the project with the Scheme, please fill in the form below to register your interest and the administration office will contact you to arrange.

CLOCS advisory visits are also available and will be conducted on a more informal basis without a score being provided. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss the CLOCS requirements with an experienced Monitor, receive advice and guidance on how your site is performing and also understand where there are opportunities for improvement and further development. Simply book a CLOCS visit as normal but inform the Monitor that you would like the visit to be an advisory one. Please note that there is no need to complete the self-assessment checklist prior to an advisory visit though you may wish to do so to better prepare yourself for the meeting.

The fees for CLOCS monitoring are as follows:

  • For sites registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £220 +VAT per visit
    If, for reasons outside the Scheme’s control, CLOCS visits cannot be aligned with CCS site visits an additional fee of £50 per non-aligned visit may be payable
  • For sites NOT registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £395 +VAT per visit

Every site that registers for CLOCS monitoring will receive an A1 CLOCS public engagement poster, an A1 CLOCS gate check poster and a small CLOCS vinyl banner (2.4m x 0.66m) annually. To order additional banners and posters click here.

Important notice: The information collected here will only be used to process CLOCS Monitoring visits.

Please click here to read the Scheme’s Data Collection Notice. Please click here to read the Scheme’s Privacy Policy.

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To learn more about CLOCS, please visit the CLOCS website. To find out more about what you can do to meet and exceed the requirements of the standard, please visit the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub.