Code of Considerate Practice Checklist Updates

We are pleased to share the updated Code of Considerate Practice and Monitors Checklist for 2022, which will become effective Saturday 1 January 2022.

The 2022 Code is now presented in three sections – Respect the Community, Care for the Environment, Value their Workforce – and Registered Activity will receive a performance level and score for each Code section as well as for the overall report.

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In 2022 our recognition programme will celebrate Individual, Team and Organisational success.

Our Annual Awards will celebrate individual, team and organisational achievement, building on Code conformance in the areas of community, environment, and the workforce. A simple submissions process will enable applicants to use existing material in support of their application for example via Best Practice Hub and Innovation contributions.

Additionally, high levels of conformance to the Code of Considerate Practice will also be recognised through certificates stating conformance levels, and regional networking opportunities.

More details to follow soon.


Following a two-year fee freeze, prices will increase by 6% as of 1 January 2022 in light of inflation and ongoing investment in the Scheme’s offering.

Registration and Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions have been updated into one document for 2022, revised for clarity with some specific additions.

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Optional Additions from January

Optional self-assessment tool

The introduction of an optional self-assessment tool will help Registered Activity prepare for a monitoring visit. The optional self-assessment tool will be available via your Dashboard ahead of your next visit.

Registered Activity that does not wish to use the self-assessment tool will continue to receive monitoring visits in the usual way.

Optional Leadership and Culture module

From January, Registered Activity will also be able to select our optional Leadership and Culture Module which supports company resilience and growth.

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