Company Registration

July 2009

Photo of Chris Blythe

On 14 July 2009, the Considerate Constructors Scheme launched its new Company Registration initiative, which will allow construction companies and not just their sites, to sign up to the national Scheme.

Company Registration provides a new alternative to the Site Registration option, which has been in place for the past 11 years.  Site Registration only permits registration on a site by site basis, and can only accommodate sites with a duration greater than six weeks. Company Registration will now allow construction industry companies with an annual turnover of up to £2.5 million to register, with registration covering all their sites and can also be used by companies with an annual turnover of over £2.5 million to cover their sites with a duration less than 6 weeks.

BDI CCTV receiving their award

As with Site Registration, Company Registration will still require registered companies to adhere to the Code of Considerate Practice.  Scheme Monitors will visit both the companies’ offices and sites and will provide guidance and advice on how companies can improve, as well as writing a report on the company and its sites.  Registered companies will also appear on a searchable database on the Scheme’s website and Awards will be given to the highest performing.

18 companies, of varying size and involved in various different types of construction activity, took part in an extensive and very successful trial.  Enquiries have also been received from a large volume of other companies keen to learn more about the initiative and to sign up.

The launch event was held at the Building Centre in central London and those attending included the Founder companies, who took part in the trial, representatives of various industry bodies, showing their support for the new Scheme, the Scheme’s existing Associate Members and Client Partners and companies who had expressed an interest in signing up.

Edward Hardy speaking at the launch event

The Scheme’s Chief Executive, Edward Hardy, said: “With Company Registration now in place, any type and size of construction activity in the UK can sign up to the nationally recognised Considerate Constructors Scheme and benefit from all the advantages that registration brings.  We look forward to welcoming a whole new raft of construction companies to the Scheme.”