Company Registration

Company Registration FAQs

Why register your company as a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) is a national initiative set up by the construction industry to improve its image. Membership of the Scheme is endorsed by local authorities, the Government, main contractors and major industry clients.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Gaining a competitive edge with prospective clients by demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards.
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme branding and recognition.
  • Listing on the Scheme’s website which may be used by main contractors or members of the public to find registered companies and evaluate performance.
  • Independent assessment of your company and sites by experienced industry professionals.
  • A means by which you can assess and benchmark your own performance and strive for development and improvement.
  • The possibility of winning National Company Awards.

The company registration process explained

To become a company member simply complete the online application form as prompted by the online registration process. The application form can be accessed here.

  • For companies with an annual turnover up to £3.5m, the fee covers all sites that the company works on or manages.
  • For companies with an annual turnover greater than £3.5m, the fee covers working on any site under a main contractor and all sites where the company is the main contractor and the duration is less than six weeks.

The membership fee payable is determined by your company’s annual turnover figure. Please click here to view our current fees.

The fee paid will cover your membership for a period of 12 months.

Payment is easy. At the end of the application form you will be asked to select your preferred method of payment from the following options: cheque, BACS or credit card.

If you choose to pay by credit card you will be redirected to our secure online payment page.

If you choose to pay by cheque or BACS a pro forma invoice will be automatically emailed to you to help you raise the payment.

Please ensure that your invoice number is quoted in full on BACS transfers or write this clearly on the back of the cheque to help us quickly assign your payment to the correct application.

All cheques should be made payable to ‘The Considerate Constructors Scheme’ and sent to the address below:

Considerate Constructors Scheme
PO Box 75
SG12 0YX

Company membership is available to members of certain trade bodies and organisations at a discounted fee for the first year of registration.

Members of the below organisations will receive a 10% discount on their initial membership fee when they register with the Scheme:

  • Building Confidence (Achilles)
  • Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES)
  • Chartered Building Company (CBC)
  • Constructionline
  • Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA)
  • National Federation of Builders (NFB)

The discount will be applied to the fee payable when you enter the relevant membership number for these organisations on your application.

Yes, before you are able to complete the application to become a registered company you will be required to complete a series of preliminary checks to ensure that you are eligible for membership.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Individual contracts cannot be registered on the Company Scheme; they must be registered on the Site Scheme.
  • All companies wishing to register with the Scheme will be required to provide copies of up-to-date Employer’s and Public Liability insurance documents. Membership cannot be verified until we are in possession of this.
  • Company membership reports do not count towards ‘BREEAM’ or ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ accreditation. These ratings apply to specific projects whilst company membership reports on your company’s practices as a whole. If you are working towards one of these accreditations and you want the score from a Monitor’s report to count towards either of these, you must register the project individually on the Site Scheme.
  • If membership is made at the request of your client, please note that company membership will report on two different projects during the annual registration period and should your client only require reports on a specific project, you should register the project individually on the Site Scheme.

Membership begins as soon as the initial office visit has been carried out. It is therefore vital that you assist our Monitor in arranging this visit promptly.

Once your company is approved for membership

Your membership certificate will be issued once our Monitor has carried out an office visit and they are suitably satisfied that you will be a ‘considerate company’.

Please note that we must also be in possession of your current Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance documents before the certificate can be released.

If the criteria to become a member are met successfully, the certificate will be emailed to the primary contact named on your application and hard copies are available upon request.

Scheme signage material is dispatched after the initial office visit has been completed and the Monitor has confirmed that you have suitable systems, processes and working practices in place to become a company member.

All registered companies are provided with Scheme branded products as part of their initial registration. The quantity of A3 posters and vehicle stickers provided is determined by the type and volume of work covered by membership.

Additional products are available to purchase online to promote and enhance your membership. To view our current product list please click here.

All Scheme material e.g. posters, banners, stickers, etc. must be purchased from the Scheme to ensure consistency in our brand delivery and to ensure we retain tight control over how and where our logo is used. We are therefore unable to allow the reproduction of Scheme signage or our logo in any circumstances.

Once your membership has been approved by the Monitor we can provide you with a personalised company logo bearing your unique membership ID number. The logo can be emailed in a PDF, JPEG or EPS format. For details on our logo usage guidelines please click here.

Please note that the logo should not be sign written onto any company vehicles. All vehicle signage should be purchased in the form of a removable sticker directly from the Scheme.

The company membership monitoring process explained

Following on from the initial office visit, a number of site visits will be carried out to subjectively assess your company’s performance and level of compliance against each of the five categories of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

Companies with a turnover less than or equal to £10m will receive two visits to sites or projects that the company is working on or managing.

Companies with a turnover in excess of £10m will have the option of having up to four site visits if required.

A typical site visit lasts approximately one hour.

For companies that undertake smaller individual projects or jobs, a site visit may not be appropriate. If this is the case, there is the option of a ‘multi-visit’ where the Monitor will spend a couple of hours shadowing your company on one or more projects or jobs to ascertain your company’s overall level of performance. Where a multi-visit is appropriate, please note that only one can be conducted throughout the membership period (or two for those in the highest fee band of over £10m).

After each site visit, the Monitor will produce a scored report taking into consideration your company’s performance, and will offer guidance on how to further improve.

Additional visits can be purchased from the administration office at a cost of £160 (+ VAT) per additional standard visit and £250 (+ VAT) per additional multi-visit.

The Scheme also offers an advisory visit which involves a Monitor visiting your office to discuss the Scheme’s requirements in more detail and to offer advice on how your company might improve its scores. This can be arranged at a cost of £250 (+ VAT).

After the initial office visit, we usually allow a minimum of one month to pass before we will request details of a suitable project to audit for your first site visit. You will then be contacted by the administration office to provide us with appropriate project details.

This information is then passed to a local Monitor to confirm arrangements. All visits are arranged directly between your company and the Monitor at a mutually convenient time. We do not make unannounced visits to site.  Instead, we encourage you to prepare for the meeting in advance by ensuring that you have read and understood the Company Checklist.

If, when contacted for site details you have no work currently available that is suitable for assessment, please contact the administration office at the earliest opportunity to discuss the options available.

Please be aware that should your membership expire without any site visits being conducted, you will not receive a certificate at the end of the annual membership term confirming your compliance with the Scheme as no scored assessments will have taken place.

Sites are scored against the Code of Considerate Practice, where a score between 1 and 10 points is awarded in each of the five sections, giving a potential total score of 50 points.

For more information on scoring and what the points mean, please click here.

Any company registered with the Scheme must comply with the basic expectations stipulated by the Code of Considerate Practice.

Should a visit be deemed non-compliant in one or more section(s) of the Code of Considerate Practice, a letter will be sent along with the Monitor’s report, to the primary contact outlining the areas of concern.

If the non-compliance identified is minor (a score of 4 or 3 in any section), we will give you the chance to provide us with evidence to show that the issues have been suitably addressed or to provide us with missing information from the day of the visit which may have resulted in the low score. This evidence will then be reviewed by the Monitor and the report will be amended accordingly, giving you the opportunity to increase your previous score and achieve compliance.

If the non-compliance identified is more serious (a score of 3 or 2 in any section), we will explain that a further visit to the site will be required by the Scheme Monitor to ensure that the non-compliance issues have been fully addressed in order to improve the score given.

If the non-compliance identified is major (a score of 1 in any section), we will explain that an office revisit will be required to discuss the issues before proceeding any further with your membership.

If, after a second visit, non-compliance continues, a decision will be made as to whether to allow membership with the Scheme to continue.

Where company membership is revoked, a letter will be issued, explaining the reason for the decision and requesting that all Scheme signage is removed with immediate effect. In this case, no refund will be given.

We issue a certificate once the 12 month membership period has completed and all site visits have been carried out as required. You will either receive a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ or a ‘Certificate of Performance beyond Compliance’. Certificates are based on the results of the final visit.

A ‘Certificate of Compliance’ is issued if companies score 5 or more points in each of the five sections of the Code.

To achieve a ‘Certificate of Performance beyond Compliance’, companies need to score 7 or more points in each of the five sections. Hard copies are available upon request.

The highest scoring companies will be considered to win a National Company Award. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are presented within project value bandings to the highest performers, with one Gold Award winner from each banding being presented with the prestigious title of Most Considerate Company.

Renewing your company membership

Shortly before your membership is due to expire we will send you a renewal invitation by email. This invitation will attach details of the information we currently hold for your company and a pro forma invoice for the renewal fee based on the annual turnover figure previously declared.

We ask that this information is checked carefully and for you to notify us immediately of any changes. It is particularly important that the annual turnover figure is accurate to ensure the correct renewal fee is paid.

Changes to your annual turnover can also affect the duration of projects we can cover under your membership – conditions will be explained to you fully should a change occur.

If you are nearing the expiration of your membership and have not received this invitation, please call 0800 783 1423 to ensure continued membership.

Please be aware that by choosing to continue membership, you agree to accept our terms and conditions. Full details are available here.

The renewal fee is offered at a 10% discount on the usual cost of membership and is based on your annual turnover. Please click here to view our current fees.

Please note that the fees are reduced as no new signage material is provided.

You can pay your membership fee online here.

Please note that you will require your email address and password to log in (if you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and click ‘Login’ to be sent a reminder).

Once you have logged in, please click on ‘Company Registration’ and then the ‘Annual Fee Payment’ option. Here, you will be able to review and update the information we currently hold for your company, order any additional products required and choose your preferred payment method.

If you choose to pay by cheque or BACS a pro forma invoice will be automatically emailed to you to help you raise the payment. If you select to pay by credit card you will be redirected to our secure online payment page.

Your company ID number is unique to your company and will remain the same throughout each year of membership.

Upon renewal, we will arrange for a local Monitor to revisit your office and review the previous year’s membership and visit scores. After the office revisit report has been issued we will then send your new ‘Certificate of Membership’ by email for your records.

Useful information

If unfortunately for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service or one of our products, we would really like to hear from you to help resolve the matter.

Please contact us via email, phone or post and we will do our best to assist you.

Freephone: 0800 783 1423
Post: Considerate Constructors Scheme, PO Box 75, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0YX.

Yes. Our ‘Guide for Registered Companies’ is available from the Scheme’s administration office, please contact us on 0800 783 1423 to request a copy. Alternatively, a PDF copy is available to download from our website here.

A number of other helpful support documents are available to download from the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub, including a checklist for inducting operatives, parking notice, environmental policy and an incident report form.
They can be downloaded and edited to suit your needs along with adding your company’s branding to keep for your records. Please note that the documents are to be used as a guide only and do not cover all laws and regulations with which a contractor has to comply with under legislation.

Please click here to visit the Best Practice Hub’s ‘Documents’ webpage.