Organisation Registration

Elev8 Interiors Ltd

Elev8 Interiors Ltd pride themselves with achieving high standards in all aspects of construction. We specialise in the interior fit out of commercial office space with projects ranging from a few thousand pounds up to three million.

We joined the Scheme as part of a tender requirement in 2009 and thought it would be easy. The registration process is very simple and the website is excellent.

We achieved a disappointing score on our first project and initially felt unsure about some of the requirements within the Scheme, particularly when we have to remain very competitive and keep the overheads low as possible.

However, once we took time to analyse the Scheme and look at the benefits it would bring to our company, our subcontractors, clients and the public, as well as the low cost of achieving those benefits, we made a company decision to change our systems and training so that we could achieve the excellence required.

Once the systems were in place, and after numerous phone calls seeking advice from Scheme, we started achieving high scores in all categories. In 2011 we achieved a Bronze Award at the Scheme’s National Company Awards.

After each site visit from the Scheme we analysed the scores and discussed the ways to improve before the next visit. The assessors also explain at each visit the issues they see and ways that we can improve.

The systems we have now are used on every project whether small or large and it gives us consistency at a very small cost. Our clients frequently comment on the care we show and the high level of communication given prior and throughout the works.

In 2012, we won a Gold Award and we are very proud of that achievement.

The award itself has lead us to many tender opportunities, and on a recent large project, it was one of the client’s reasons for selecting Elev8 Interiors where we were neck to neck with a competitor on price.