Company Registration


The Scheme is a not-for-profit organisation financed solely from the registration fees.

The fee is designed to cover the operation and development costs of the Scheme.

The fee is based on the annual company turnover and provides for:

  • High specification poster(s) and vehicle sticker(s)
  • Company Monitor visit(s) and report(s).
  • An on-going hotline to deal with comments and complaints from the general public.
  • Future developments of the Scheme.

The registration fees are determined by the company’s annual turnover.

If your company has more than one office or depot in different locations, they should each be registered individually, and the appropriate fee paid. They will then be given their own registration number and Monitor visits.

Annual turnoverInitial registration fee (excl. VAT)Initial registration fee (inc. VAT)
Under £250k£286£343.20
£250k to <£3.5m£577£692.40
£3.5m to <£10m£1163£1,395.60
£10m to <£50m£1766£2,119.20
£50m and over£2395£2,874.00

Annual turnover on the boundary between two bands is charged at the higher fee band, e.g. a company with an annual turnover of £3,500,000 exactly is charged in the £3.5m to <£10m band.

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10% promotional discount

Company Registration is available to members of certain trade bodies and organisations at a 10% discount for the first year of registration.

For further information on this promotion, please click here.


Membership with the Scheme lasts for one year from the date of registration. A discount will be applied to the appropriate fee for all re-registrations, please see below.

The Scheme has updated the fees for 2020. Please see the below.

Annual TurnoverRe-registration fee (excl. VAT)Re-registration fee (inc. VAT)
Under 250k£257£308.40
£250k to <£3.5m£519£622.80
£3.5m to <£10m£1046£1255.20
£10m to <£50m£1590£1908.00
£50m and over£2156£2587.20
If a registered company’s turnover has reached £3.5M or higher since the last registration

For companies with a turnover of £3.5m or higher, registration covers their work as a subcontractor and all work under six weeks duration; any projects longer than six weeks duration need to be registered separately.

However, any registered company that declares an increased turnover at re-registration taking them to £3.5m or higher (but less than £7.5m) will be given an amnesty for registering their longer duration projects until their turnover exceeds £7.5m, i.e. their registration will continue to cover all work including projects over six weeks and they will not need to be separately registered.

This approach rewards those smaller companies who registered with the Scheme who have then grown.

Note that this only applies to existing registered companies where the turnover increases above £3.5m at re-registration.  Any new company registering for the first time with a turnover of £3.5m or higher will join on the standard basis, i.e. they will need to register their over six week projects separately under the Scheme’s Site Registration unless their turnover subsequently falls below £3.5m.

Additional visits

Should a site require an additional visit further to standard monitoring visits included with the registration, an additional fee of £183 (+VAT) is applicable.