Company Registration

How to register a company

Company Registration covers the following:

  • For companies with an annual turnover up to £3.5m, the fee covers all sites that the company works on or manages.
  • For companies with an annual turnover greater than £3.5m, the fee covers all activities as a subcontractor and all sites where the company is the main contractor and the duration is less than six weeks.

Company Registration may not count towards BREEAM, Ska or any other similar accreditations. If you are working towards one of these, please register under the Site Registration option.

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To register a company, simply complete the online forms as prompted by the online registration process.

Once an online registration is complete, and the appropriate fee paid, the details of the registered company will be issued to a Scheme Monitor who will contact them to arrange the initial office visit.

To register your company online, please click here

Annual re-registration

Companies will be contacted towards the end of their registration period to arrange the re-registration payment for the following 12 months.

Companies not wishing to continue registration will be asked to confirm that all registration information is removed from their sites, stationery, vans, websites and any other location.

As part of the office visit made at the start of all re-registration periods, the company’s performance in the last registration period will be discussed between the company contact and the Scheme’s Monitor, with a view to offering suggestions and advice on how the company can further improve against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

The Monitor will issue a new report with indicative scores which will need to be validated (if required) through the validation visits that will be conducted during the following 12 months.

Additional registration advice

  • If your company has more than one office in different locations? If so, each separate office should be registered individually, and the appropriate fee paid.  Each office will then be given its own registration number and Monitor visits.
  • If your company has more than one division, involved in different types of work, but operating from the same office? If so, it is recommended that you register each division separately, paying the appropriate fee. Each division will then be given its own registration number and Monitor visits.
  • If your company is part of a larger group, you will be asked to provide the name of that group on the registration form.
  • Individual contracts cannot be registered using Company Registration.
  • All companies wishing to register with the Scheme will be required to provide copies of relevant, up-to-date insurance information.