Company Registration

Notes for registered companies

  • As a registered company, and therefore a considerate constructor, you must give commitment to the Scheme and abide by the Code of Considerate Practice.
  • The term ‘constructors’ refers to everyone involved in your company and the work you undertake.
  • You should refer regularly to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.
  • You should use your registration as a promotional tool for your company.
  • Where appropriate, you will be supplied with Scheme posters personalised to your company. These should be displayed in a prominent position where they are clearly visible to the public.
  • You will be issued with registration stickers which must be displayed on vehicles. The Company Registration logo can also be used on paperwork, websites and any other promotional material. All Scheme information should be kept clean, legible and accurate at all times.
  • You should set up and maintain a file for Considerate Constructors Scheme information.
  • If you receive a complaint or comment, deal with it immediately by contacting the person who has complained and try to resolve the issue. The Scheme’s administration office may also be able to offer assistance.
  • Your performance will be monitored against the Code of Considerate Practice.  A copy of the report following each visit will be provided to you. The Monitor is there to help you meet expectations, to assist you in performing beyond basic expectations and to document the highest levels of performance.
  • If there are matters of non-compliance with the Code of Considerate Practice, you will be informed and asked to correct these matters.
  • In the unlikely event that non-compliance matters are not corrected satisfactorily, the Scheme’s administration office will issue a warning letter. If matters are still not resolved, the Scheme will decide whether to remove your Company Registration.
  • On completion of your annual registration, and providing your company has achieved a high enough standard, you may be considered by an independent panel for a National Award.
  • If you achieve compliance or above in each of the five sections of the Code of Considerate Practice you will receive a Certificate of Compliance, a Certificate of Performance Beyond Compliance or a Certificate of Excellence after the completion of your registration.
Company Registration does not count towards BREEAM, and may not apply to other similar accreditations. If you want the score from a Monitor’s report to count towards any of these, please register under the Site Registration option.

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