Considerate Clients launched

Client partner logo

May 2007

At a recent lunch held at London’s Savoy Hotel, the Considerate Constructors Scheme launched its new Client Partners initiative, for those construction clients who are committed to improving the image of construction.

This initiative hopes to replicate the success of the Scheme’s Contractor Associate Membership, now with 25 member companies, in encouraging all those in the industry to strive towards ever improving standards.

Under the terms of this new initiative, Client Partners undertake to ensure registration with the Scheme on all sites where they are able, and to promote the aims of the Scheme wherever possible as well as to provide a director or other senior representative as a contact. In return, the Scheme will provide regular statistic information charting the performance of those companies who register where the ‘Partner’ is client. An area of the Scheme web site will also be set up to promote the Client Partners’ commitment to the Scheme and the industry.

Attending the meeting alongside the Directors of the Scheme were senior representatives from The Construction Clients Group, Stanhope Ltd, Hillingdon Homes, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets and Tesco.