Considerate Constructors Scheme Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions updates for 2022

Terms and Conditions have been updated into one document for 2022 and revised for clarity throughout. Specific updates and include:

A requirement for timely updates to the Scheme of Site and Project completion date and contact detail changes.
Monitoring visits will need to be undertaken four weeks either side of the “Visit estimated date(s)” notified at the time of registration, unless agreed otherwise with the Scheme.
A new policy for short notice cancelled visits, incurring no charge for more than ten working days’ notice, half charge for eight to ten working days’ notice, and full charge for seven working days’ notice or less. No charge will be made if the visit can be suitably reallocated. At the discretion of the Scheme short notice cancellation fees may be waived in exceptional circumstances.
Timely actioning of public concerns, including acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours will be required with the goal of concluding if possible within ten working days.
A termination and suspension of registration clause for failure to address monitoring non-conformance or significant public concerns.
A requirement to inform the Scheme if your organisation of any material regulatory breach for example, prosecution or fine, prohibition notice, improvement notice or other regulatory letter.
Updated terms provided for ‘on hold’ (delayed) Sites, enabling ‘on hold’ status to the end of the registration period, with a requirement for re-registration once the initial registration period has elapsed.
A data protection clause.
A clearer Scheme product delivery policy including dispatch timeframes and rectification. As set out in our Fees, first deliveries are free for products included in registration.
A Scheme aim to normally issue monitoring reports within ten working days of the visit.
Clearer termination and refund clauses, setting out the circumstances for these, with refund percentages set out in our Fees.

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