Construction’s First Impressions

The urgent need to attract new people into construction means it has never been more important to consider the impression our industry makes on future workers.

The Scheme’s ‘First Impressions’ initiative has been developed alongside the Scheme’s Partners (formerly named Associate Members) to improve the image of the industry by ensuring that the appearance of construction sites creates an excellent first impression on the general public.

Construction sites are the industry’s shop windows and this initiative demonstrates what can be done, and indeed what is already being done by many, to improve the image of construction and to help encourage the next generation of construction workers.

The vision is to improve the image of the construction industry by ensuring that site appearance is regarded as an essential requirement in creating a good first impression. More professional-looking sites will serve as attractive advertisements for the industry and help to recruit the next generation of workers.

The Scheme has worked with a team of graduates to consider current standards of site appearance and developed four modules to enhance and promote the image and presentation of sites, with the aim to raise minimum standards of appearance across the industry.

The initiative has been grouped into the following four modules:

  • Exterior signage
  • Career opportunities
  • Selling the project
  • Promoting performance

Within each of these modules is an explanation of why this is important to the industry, along with relevant examples at levels of basic, best practice and leading edge.

Now launched, all Scheme-registered sites, companies and suppliers should work towards meeting at least the basic standards highlighted in the four modules, and should strive to improve the appearance of their projects even further by also reviewing the ‘best practice’ and ‘leading edge’ ideas and implementing some of these as and when appropriate.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Considerate Constructors Scheme said:

This new addition to the Best Practice Hub is another way for the industry to promote itself to an upcoming generation of construction workers. One of the five points of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice encourages those registered to care about their appearance, and First Impressions is a great resource to help address this area and help push the boundaries of what construction projects can achieve.

Whilst Scheme Monitors will not penalise sites that do not introduce the items or ideas from ‘First Impressions’, they equally will not award the highest scores where something has not been done to address at least the ethos of this initiative to improve the image of the industry.  This initiative includes many examples of what those companies ‘at the forefront of construction’ are already doing to raise the bar as to what can be considered ‘exceptional’, and any project looking to achieve a nine point score in appearance needs to be working to these same high standards.

The Scheme expects all sites to embrace the concept of ‘First impressions’ and therefore Monitors will encourage all sites and companies to review how their sites appear with the hope that in time all sites become a positive advertisement for our industry.

To visit the ‘First Impressions’ section on the Best Practice Hub, please click here

As part of this initiative, the Scheme has also launched a new Instagram account – ccsfirstimpressions – dedicated to showcasing positive imagery of the construction industry, to hopefully inspire and motivate everyone working in construction to look around them and think about the first impression they are making and what they can do to improve it.