Continuing Monitor training

May 2007

As the Scheme continues to grow, and with more contractors and clients now using the Monitors’ reports to benchmark their performance, consistency of scoring and reporting is more important than ever.

As part of overall training and developing of its Monitors the Scheme holds bi-annual regional meetings to discuss the current issues affecting their work. The focus of the meetings is always on improving all aspects of the overall monitoring process.

At each of the meetings, Monitors were asked to score a fictional site report. Their scores and the thinking behind them were then analysed and discussed. At this latest round of meetings, the results of this exercise showed a higher than ever level of consistency, not only at each of the individual meetings, but across the country as a whole.

Edward Hardy, the Scheme’s General Manager, commented “These meetings are vital in ensuring we maintain the high level of scoring consistency that we have and are also a great opportunity to catch up with all our Monitors.