Contractor Partner Terms of Reference

Partners are companies that demonstrate and promote the highest standards of ‘considerate construction’. Companies are asked to apply for Partnership in writing. They may then be invited to become Partners by the Scheme’s Chief Executive.

A senior Scheme representative nominated as Partner liaison may visit potential Partners to assess their suitability before acceptance.

Any company applying for Partnership must:
  • If applicable, apply for Partnership at group level rather than as an individual or subsidiary company of a group.
  • Be able to demonstrate a level of compliance, at least 1 point above the national average on all scored visits over a 12 month period prior to the time of request.
  • Have a history of registering with the Scheme – normally a minimum of at least 2 years – either as a registered company or supplier, or by registering individual projects under Site Registration.

However, beyond simply meeting set criteria in order to qualify for Partner status, the contractor must understand the level of commitment required as detailed below.


Once a company has been accepted as a Partner, they will:
  • Pay an additional annual Partner fee based on the company’s annual turnover.
  • Maintain Partnership for a minimum of three years.
  • Comply with the rules for Partnership at all times.
  • Comply with the rules of Site, Company or Supplier Registration as appropriate.
  • Register all sites over six weeks duration under Site Registration (paying the appropriate fee), where the company has an annual turnover that exceeds £3.5 million and where it is the main contractor.
  • Register sites with a duration of over 18 months/78 weeks either annually or in natural phases.
  • Achieve, at least, compliance with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice on all construction activity visited by one of the Scheme’s Monitors.
  • Ensure that all construction activity is conducted in line with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.
  • Ensure all appropriate employees are aware of the Partnership and what this means.
  • Nominate a senior representative, normally a Board member, to act as contact and to represent their company at all Partner meetings.
  • Promote the Scheme and its aims to their clients and, where appropriate, encourage clients to become Client Partners of the Scheme.
  • Provide a link from their website to the Scheme’s website.
  • Act as an ambassador for the Scheme and encourage Scheme registration – Site, Company and Supplier – to others in the industry as appropriate.
  • Where requested, allow newly registered companies to attend the Partners’ office or site visits to help them understand the expectations of the Scheme, and offer support/advice to non-registered companies where possible.
  • Support the Scheme in developing and publishing best practice case studies about how the highest levels of performance have been achieved.
  • Help develop new initiatives with the Scheme and introduce any new Scheme expectations, endeavouring to address these to the highest possible standards at all times.


The Scheme will:
  • Publicise the company’s Partnership.
  • Issue a Partnership logo for use on all marketing and other company material.
  • Issue a Partnership certificate and plaque.
  • Provide meetings to discuss Scheme issues and to meet other Partners.
  • Provide access to online benchmarking information and statistics comparing the Partner’s scores with national averages.
  • Generally assist Partners in meeting the aims of the Scheme.
  • Use Partner sites for Scheme promotional activities.


Additional encouraged activities for Partners:

The Considerate Constructors Scheme works with its Partners to encourage the ever improving performance of construction activity across the industry. The Scheme operates in many sectors and areas within the UK construction industry and Partners are encouraged to support the Scheme in all that it does.Activities Partners could therefore consider are:

  • Encourage subcontractors and suppliers to separately register with the Scheme.
  • Register high profile or high impact sites as Ultra Sites.
  • Encourage local smaller builders around registered sites to see what they could do to improve their working practices.
  • Support Scheme recognised charities
  • Provide the Scheme with regular best practice initiative updates to appear on the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub.
  • Assist the Scheme in promotional and other marketing activities.
  • Take part in appropriate industry initiatives, e.g. Go Construct, Construction Industry Helpline, etc.

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