Documentation updates

New checklist documents

June 2008
 As part of the Scheme’s aim to continually improve standards in the construction industry, a new, more challenging version of the Site Monitors’ Checklist is being implemented.

The Checklist is the document which forms the basis of the meeting between the Site Manager and the Monitor and on which the Monitors’ Site Reports and scores are based.

An increasing industry average score reflects the ongoing improvement in standards on sites and the new Checklist has been developed in a move to raise the requirements for compliance with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, thus maintaining a consistent average score.

The criteria for awarding a score of five points have also been reassessed and Monitors will now only give a maximum category score of five where they find an activity or initiative which is considered exceptional and unique. By contrast, a site that is working to the very highest standards should therefore only expect to score 4.5 in each of the eight categories.

These changes will allow a greater score differential between a good site and those sites that are working to the very highest possible standards.

The new Checklist takes effect from 1 August 2008, but sites should note that, where the current Checklist and scoring system has been used on a first visit, it will also still be used on any second visits.

The Examples of Higher than Satisfactory Performance document has also been updated and this, along with the new Checklist, can be found in the ‘How to be Considerate’ section of the Scheme’s website.