e-learning course launched to help industry tackle air pollution

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched its eleventh e-learning course – ‘Air Pollution’ – on the Best Practice Hub.

To accompany this course, the “‘Spotlight on… air pollution’ follow-up article” has been published on the Hub to follow up on the success of the national ‘Spotlight on… air pollution’ campaign, published in February 2018.

‘Air Pollution’ e-learning provides construction professionals with practical information and ideas for how to take a more proactive approach to mitigating the impact of air pollution arising from construction activity. The course is structured into five lessons, taking users through the facts of the issue and what they can do to remedy the situation.

‘Spotlight on… air pollution’ provides background information, case studies from leading organisations and practical steps to help the industry minimise its contribution to air pollution. The campaign page has already proved popular with the industry, being viewed over 3,200 times since its publication.

The Scheme’s focus on this issue comes as governments and cities around the world take action to address poor air quality. Recent research revealed air pollution was responsible for around 40,000 deaths a year in the UK, and costs the economy £20 billion a year.

The construction sector is a primary contributor to high levels of air pollution through vehicle and dust emissions. All those involved in construction, from architects, engineers, contractors and sub-contractors through to suppliers delivering to site, have a responsibility to keep pollution to a minimum.

Our new “‘Spotlight on… air pollution’ follow-up article” assesses how well the industry has responded to the Scheme’s call to action on air pollution. Featured in this article are the results from a survey of Scheme Monitors asking their feedback on the campaign. Monitors make over 18,000 visits to sites, companies and suppliers every year – giving them a unique insight into how the industry is addressing key issues.

‘Air Pollution’ e-learning joins the existing library of courses, which have become a vital resource for Hub users. Since the launch of e-learning two years ago, the courses have been taken over 32,000 times.

Once users have completed the ‘Air Pollution’ e-learning lessons, they can take a short quiz to test their understanding. All e-learning courses are free for registered Hub users.

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If you have any examples of best practice related to the topic of air pollution, please email enquiries@ccsbestpractice.org.uk.