Endorsement policy

It is Scheme policy not to endorse products, materials, resources and/or services provided by third party private companies.

Registered sites, companies and suppliers agree to abide by the Code of Considerate Practice, which sets out the Scheme’s expectations and describes those areas that are considered fundamental for registration with the Scheme. What measures or actions a site, company or supplier puts in place to comply with the Scheme’s Code are entirely up to them, including the use of any product or service which helps them in achieving their objectives. There are many products and services available to the construction industry provided by private companies which can assist them in considerate construction practices. The Scheme does not endorse any of these products or services, or promote the benefits of one particular kind over another. There are organisations which promote their products and/or services using an association with the Scheme but this is done so without the Scheme’s permission.

The Scheme works with a number of industry bodies whose mission and aims support the Code of Considerate Practice. The Scheme may, from time to time, support initiatives and activities from such organisations which contribute towards improving the image of construction, or which provide benefit to registered sites and companies.

For more information on the Code of Considerate Practice, click here

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