Enjoying an award-winning and “healthy” partnership with the Scheme – Bob Black Construction Ltd


Cambridgeshire company Bob Black Construction Ltd has enjoyed awards successes over three consecutive years at the Scheme’s National Company Awards.

The St Ives-based company received a Bronze Award in 2014, followed by a Silver Award in 2015 and a Gold Award in 2016 – when the company was also shortlisted as a Most Considerate Company Runner-up.

Industry Image interviewed company Director, Bob Black and asked him about his company’s awards successes, as well as the benefits of registering with the Scheme. It was surprising to discover that registration had actually been of benefit to Bob’s own health, after he introduced health screening on the advice of a Scheme Monitor.

Commenting on this unexpectedly positive outcome of registration, Bob said: “On a personal note, the biggest benefit has happened to me; one of our Monitors used tell me about health screening and gave me an example of what measures another company used to take.

“I then organised a similar process for our employees who all came out A1, apart from me. A year on from being diagnosed a type 2 diabetic my life has changed for the better.”

Summarising the advantages of registration Bob said: “The benefits are immeasurable in that you have access to a wealth of like-minded and experienced people who have the same ethics and morals.”

Industry Image asked Bob a few more questions about his experience with the Scheme:

Many congratulations on receiving a Gold Award in the 2016 National Company Awards and for your previous awards successes. What do you attribute your on-going success to as a considerate constructor?

Never to sit on your laurels and always try for betterment. It’s probably a personal issue in that I am never content with my lot, always aiming higher. To achieve that you need to surround yourself with like-minded people who strive for the same results and who are proud to reach high achievement.

Please tell us a bit about your company and your work

We are a small company and we invest heavily in the future of the industry, employing a high percentage of apprentices to enable us to achieve our long-term goals and not short-term gains.

As with our apprentices, we employ as many women as possible in both site and administration roles. We work in two almost opposite sectors of the industry – building the ‘Grand Design’ style houses – and period renovation where we use traditional methods and materials.

How do you incorporate the requirements of the Scheme into your working practices?

This was a relatively easy process as our procedures were similar to those of the CCS, long before we registered. We always implement any action points from a Monitor’s site visits to enable a high level of compliance.

What particular challenges have you faced in relation to the community, environment or the workforce and how have you overcome these?

Having a considerate workforce who are perceptive of all working environment situations does not provide any challenges to us per se. With these particular challenges our practices are such that they have never become much of an issue.

How do you feel the Scheme is improving the image of construction?

The Scheme is leading the industry to where it should be, appreciated and respected by all sectors by improving the appearance of sites, awareness of environmental issues and consideration to those locally affected by building works.

Would you recommend registration with the Scheme to other organisations?

Without a doubt! I feel that the Scheme should be made compulsory to local authority building control and planning departments, making it a condition of these statutory bodies to use only CCS-approved contractors. The monitoring could then be part of the building control inspection process.