Going above and beyond the ‘normal’ industry standard – the goal for Munnelly Support Services

Scheme Contractor Partner, Munnelly Support Services, provide a UK-wide client base with an on-site construction solution package, including: logistics, traffic management, operative supply and waste management, which covers all construction stages.

Over the course of registration, Munnelly Support Services has continually demonstrated and promoted the highest standards of considerate construction, highlighted by its partnership with the Scheme as well its multiple awards wins.

We spoke to Paul David Munnelly, Director at Munnelly Support Services about the company’s involvement with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Ultra Site

The Ultra Site initiative aims to push companies across the entire industry to create a better environment for themselves and for future generations. Munnellys have worked as part of the supply chain on a number of Ultra Site projects. Paul David explains that “the initiative promotes innovation, continuous improvement and engagement to go above and beyond the ‘normal’ industry standard,” and as Munnellys provide resources to the industry it is their responsibility to use these to aid in the development of future technologies whilst promoting careers in construction, thus actively seeking to improve the performance of the wider construction industry. He continues “The Scheme facilitates and supports organisations in all areas of the Code of Considerate Practice so this vision can be achieved.”


Working as a member of the supply chain within the Ultra Site initiative saw Munnellys win two awards at the 2019 National Ultra Site Awards for Community Engagement and Workforce Wellbeing. This followed their previous success at the 2018 National Company Awards where they were named Most Considerate Company. More recently, Munnellys were awarded a Most Considerate Company Runner-up award at the 2019 National Company Awards.

“All of the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Awards acknowledge and share the hard work and investments made by members of the supply chain. This makes the awards among the most respected and recognised within the UK construction industry, receiving multiple awards from the Considerate Constructors Scheme is a fantastic achievement for us.

“The awards reinforce the tireless efforts we have put into changing the image of construction and implementing best practice, being recognised alongside other exceptional companies makes these extra special as they provide examples from within the sector that promote further collaboration and leading initiatives.”

Code of Considerate Practice

The Code of Considerate Practice outlines the Scheme’s expectations and describes the five areas that are considered fundamental for registration with the Scheme. These areas are: Care about Appearance, Respect the Community, Protect the Environment, Secure everyone’s Safety and Value their Workforce.

Paul David states that “these align directly with Munnellys’ ‘outward facing objectives’ which do not solely focus on financial performance and growth, but also cover every area we operate. We are doing everything possible to introduce additional objectives which benefit the workforce, the community and clients.”

Benefits of Registration

“The award ceremonies are just one of the many benefits to being registered with the Scheme; arguably, the most notable of which is becoming associated with one of the UKs leading construction industry bodies, which provides us with the platform to receive and share knowledge with other industry leaders. We are also kept up to date on industry news via the Scheme website and Industry Image e-newsletter.”

Externally, being registered with the Scheme demonstrates a commitment to best practice and improving the image of construction. It also, as Paul David details, “allows you to work with likeminded people and organisations that are focused on achieving the same objectives and end goals as you.”

This is demonstrated by Munnellys’ involvement with the Company Registration Working Group which brings together representatives from registered companies and suppliers to discuss the direction and development of registration. Additionally, as a new Contractor Partner Munnellys have the opportunity to attend Partner meetings twice yearly to talk about Scheme development and the future of the industry.

Company Registration allows construction companies to register with the Scheme. Any company of any size can register, including trade contractors and those who work within the supply chain.

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