Good Neighbour questionnaire


The Scheme has published Good Neighbour questionnaires which can be downloaded from the website and used by construction sites or companies to gauge their performance on a project within the local community.

The questionnaire is to be distributed to local residents to allow people to give their views and comments on how considerate a construction company has been. For both Site and Company Registration, there are two questionnaires depending on how the site or company wishes for them to be returned. One questionnaire asks to be returned in a prepaid envelope provided by the site or company, while the other asks to be returned by hand.

The questionnaires aren’t to be passed on to the Scheme; they are to be used solely by sites or companies to receive constructive feedback on how they have performed within the local community, so that any comments can be taken into consideration to improve future performance. The questionnaires were piloted by Woodhouse-Barry (Construction) Ltd and Mace Group, with both companies receiving a great response and excellent feedback.

Ros Hawkswell, from Woodhouse-Barry (Construction) Limited, says:

The questionnaire was simple and easy to fill out and we were pleased with the level of response. The results were reassuring and could highlight areas which we could improve on in the future. It certainly helped to promote Considerate Constructors.

If you would like to know how your local community views your project, please use the links below to download the relevant questionnaire.

For details on the registration questionnaires, please click here