Honor Goodsite’s Big Build Competition 2017

The Scheme is pleased to announce that Honor Goodsite now has her very own competition which is free to enter and open to all registered sites, companies and suppliers.

The 2017 competition is now closed to any further entries, information on future competitions is available here on the Ivor Goodsite website.

This is a fantastic way for all contractors to engage with their local communities by asking them to build a structure out of recyclable items.

This competition allows contractors to give children an insight into the construction industry, allowing them to be creative and encourages them to think about structures and the world around them. The children will need to work collaboratively to solve problems which they may encounter along the way.

The deadline for submitting the event form and photos is 1 December. The winning entry will be chosen by a judging panel and winners announced on 8 December.

The competition is free to enter and the winning entry will receive a £100 Amazon voucher, fun packs for the children who took part and a visit from Honor Goodsite!

Entrants should organise an event with a local school, local community centre or any other local group or charity and help them design and build a structure resembling a famous building/landmark or a brand new building we are yet to see!

To register your interest please email enquiries@ivorgoodsite.org.uk

To download the Instructions and Guidance document please click here