How well are you promoting your registration?



One of the many benefits of registering with the Considerate Constructors Scheme is that by promoting your registration to the public, it sends a clear message about how you will support the community and not become an inconvenience.

Registering with the Scheme demonstrates a willingness to want to improve the image of the industry and it is important to ensure the public sees that your site or company has taken this proactive approach to be a better neighbour, to protect the environment and care for its workforce. The public will only know that your site or company has made this commitment to be more considerate through regular and clear communication, and while one way is through displaying the Scheme’s signage effectively, there are many other ways of promoting your considerate credentials.


Informing neighbours of your presence and your commitment to considerate construction by registering with the Scheme at the start of the project will begin to build a relationship, open a channel of communication and relieve any levels of anxiety before work commences. This can be achieved through numerous ways, including letter drops, issuing newsletters and putting notices/information up on the hoarding of the project. The Scheme produces flyers which can be distributed to neighbours that explain what it means for a project to be registered, with details about the commitment that site or company has made to become a better neighbour. These are available from the Scheme free of charge up to a certain quantity and priced per flyer thereafter.

The site or company should be proactive in promoting the message of considerate construction by communicating with neighbours and the local community. The Scheme has published a number of films, available to watch and download online or on DVD, which highlight various ways of working with communities.

promoting-registration-site-logoTo complement and support the Scheme signage sent to all sites, any information relating to the registered project, whether on a website, newsletter or letter, can feature the registered site logo available from the Scheme to remind people that your site has committed to considerate construction. Registered companies are able to display their logo on any and all information and documentation as it covers the whole company, not one specific project.

With the popularity of electronic communication and social media rising, the project or company may look to develop a website or a webpage dedicated to a specific project which could include the fact that it is registered with the Scheme, along with using the registered site logo, and what that means for neighbours of the site. Creating a Twitter or Facebook account will allow regular updates to be quickly disseminated and provide a direct link with people within the community to hear concerns or have discussions. This too can be used to advertise that the site is registered with the Scheme and how the site will be adhering to the Code of Considerate Practice.

Regular updates on the progress of the works and any community events the project may be organising or supporting will help to develop and strengthen the relationship between the site and community.

In times where corporate social responsibility is just as important as other performance indicators, registered sites and companies proudly displaying their Scheme signage will be seen as making themselves accountable for their actions and leading the way towards a more considerate era for the industry.


Every site and company is sent Scheme signage once their registration has been confirmed. These items are designed to be displayed in public-facing areas to inform the community that your site will be working to the highest levels of consideration and adhering to the standards set out by the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

Posters should be displayed where they can be easily viewed, such as on the site’s hoarding or near any entrances, and not located near a hazardous area (such as a busy road where there is no footpath) where it might be dangerous for someone to stop and read the information. They should be kept clean and legible throughout the duration of the registration, and be kept up to date in the event that a member of the public wishes to make contact.

Banners should be securely fastened on hoarding or on an elevated section of the site and free from any obstruction so they are clear to read. They should also be fixed so they look straight and flat.

Vehicle stickers are provided to registered companies and every vehicle used on the public highway must display one. The stickers must be kept clean, along with the vehicle it is placed on, and the size of the sticker should suit the size of the vehicle.


To ensure that Scheme signage remains clean and clear, many sites choose to frame or cover the signage on hoarding to protect against damage. Taking care of the site or company’s appearance is not only important in order to adhere to the Code, but also shows the public that you take pride in the image you portray. More examples of initiatives that sites have put in place to enhance their appearance can be found on the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub.

The Scheme is looking to raise public awareness of what the industry is trying to achieve and inform them of the excellent work that goes on, largely unnoticed, which greatly benefits communities and leaves behind lasting legacies long after the projects have finished. The most effective way of communicating this message is through registered sites and companies promoting their registration with the Scheme and showing the public that the poor image of construction is a thing of the past.

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