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Mark V Elton
Health, Safety and
Environmental Director
Associate Membership of the Considerate Constructors Scheme is a proud achievement for Miller Construction which recognises our long term commitment to the Scheme. We have signed up to a set of standards which we employ and maintain throughout our contracts to ensure we do not ignore our impact on our surroundings. These standards sit very comfortably within our values and vision for the future of Miller Construction.

The Scheme ensures that our industry provides a consistent image throughout and that we never lose focus of the requirements of good management, strong community involvement and recognition of the impact we can have on our local community. At Miller Construction our business strategy continues to ensure that all of our sites are registered with the Scheme and that we put in place the systems to ensure we meet its requirement.

We welcome the opportunity to be independently assessed and use this feedback to monitor our performance. The Considerate Constructors Scheme forms a key element within our Corporate Responsibility reporting procedures and allows us to report information on our performance provided by an independent source.