Ultra Sites


ultra-siteUltra Sites is a new initiative from the Scheme where registered sites employ the services of registered companies, and goods and materials are sourced from registered suppliers.

It has never been more apparent that this is an industry where teamwork and collaborative working are at the heart of every successful project. With so many different aspects to a typical construction project spanning different companies, sectors and people, it is vital that there are clear communication processes in place, and robust planning and organisation at all levels.

Since 2009, the Scheme has been registering trade contractors and those working in the supply chain under its Company Registration initiative.

This year, Supplier Registration was developed where those companies supplying goods and materials to sites could also enjoy the benefits of registration with the Scheme.

A registered site operating with registered trade contractors and suppliers can take considerate construction to an even higher level when it comes to caring for the community, the workforce and the environment.

The Scheme will offer a number of benefits to Ultra Sites to recognise the efforts being made to deliver a more considerate experience for all:

  • Initial training and presentations for site management and individual trade contractor management, carried out by a Scheme Monitor, will be available at the commencement of the project.
  • A more cohesive monitoring programme will be implemented to identify that the registered site, companies and suppliers should be recognised for collective achievements.
  • A more thorough reporting programme will be available with an annual report detailing scores and observations across all visits conducted on the Ultra Site.
  • Ultra Site branding will recognise the commitment that the site, companies and suppliers have made to improve the image of construction.

The Scheme hopes to launch Ultra Sites soon, having already met with a number of contractors keen to become the first Ultra Sites.